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The industrial experience


Half of the 2nd and 3rd years are dedicated to internships.

This shows how important actual industrial experience is in the training of ISAESupméca engineers.


Internship schedule

First year
Operator Internship
1 month
in January
The foundations of students’ business experience: being able to work as an operator or an equivalent position in a real business environment.
Second year
Engineering Assistant Internship
5 months
September to January
Confirming your career plans: being able, in a real business environment, to address various tasks such as system optimisation, problem solving or performing tasks as a technician by using methodological and technical skills (software utilisation, designing based on functional specifications, etc.).
Third year

Engineering Internship

6 months

March to September

First steps to becoming an engineer: being able, in a real business environment, to address various tasks such as system optimisation or problem solving by using methodological, technical, management and communication skills.


Offering internship opportunities

Please send your offer to Industrial Relations department:


12 months in a company

Over their 3 years of training, engineering students will experience working in a professional environment on 3 occasions, whether in France or abroad. These business experiences will add up to 12 months in total, which will give students the opportunity to use the skills they have been trained to acquire. In return, they will enable students to learn more about themselves and the economic world, in order to ultimately build their career plan and contacts network.