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Engineering of Mechatronic and Multi-physics Systems

Our research focuses on the methods, languages and tools and for the design, modelling, simulation and optimisation of mechatronic and multi-physics systems. They are based on an agile approach that is itself derived from Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) taking into account other related disciplines such as topology, dependability and diagnosis (MBSA), metrics, multi-agent systems and multiphysics.


Transportation systems (in aeronautics and the railway, automotive and naval industries), energy systems, production systems, medical systems, as well as cyber-physical systems (CPS) and systems of systems (SoS).

Team members

Jean-Yves CHOLEY (Professor), Stéphane DUGOWSON (Associate professor), Moncef HAMMADI (Associate professor), Farid LOUNI (Teacher), Faïda MHENNI (Associate professor), Olivia PENAS (Research engineer), Régis PLATEAUX (Associate professor), Thierry SORIANO (Professor), Aude WARNIEZ (Associate research engineer), Thierno DIALLO ( Associate professor).

PhD students


The topics can be found on the list of on-going thesis projects

Head of the team

Jean-Yves Choley

01 49 45 29 21 (29 20)

Recent publications

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Tool workspace consideration for assembly plan generation (lire)
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