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Training by research

It is possible to pursue a Master's degree concurrently with the 3rd year pathway at ISAESupméca. Master's degrees can facilitate admission to a doctoral program.  

Duration: 1 year (including 3-6 month internship in academic or industrial research).


Paris-Saclay Master’s Degree curriculums with Centrale-Supélec, ENSTA, ENS Cachan, etc.

  • Design and Control of Critical Systems
  • Optimisation of Industrial Systems and Logistics
  • Design Engineering
  • Modelling and Simulation in Structural Mechanics and Coupled Systems
  • Mechanics, Aeronautics, Space Engineering
  • Product and Process Digital Engineering
  • Acoustical Engineering


Master’s Degree curriculums with the Paris-Dauphine University

  • Management of the Production Processes of Goods and Services

Regarding doctoral programs, ISAE-Supméca is affiliated with the doctoral school of Paris-Saclay together with Centrale-Supélec.

Thanks to several industrial collaborations, there are in the ISAESupméca laboratory many doctoral candidates who benefit from a CIFRE (industrial agreement for training through research) thesis-funding contract. These agreements enable ISAE-Supméca to build partnerships with industrial companies such as Airbus Group, Dassault, EDF, Renault or Valeo, as well as small and medium-sized businesses, Eurofarad, VannierKinoptik, etc.