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ISAE-Supméca, a mechanical engineering school

As a public post secondary education institution, ISAESupméca trains mechanical engineers with a strong scientific and technical culture, renowned for their competency and skills in numerical engineering, design and manufacturing.

Students in the garden of Supméca

The ISAE-Supméca engineer

ISAE-Supméca engineers are particularly valued in the business world. In addition to their advanced scientific skills and versatility in mechanical engineering, they are known as field engineers who have:

  • at least 12 months of industrial experience
  • 6 months of international experience on average
  • A strong sense of accountability.

Project-oriented teaching method

From as soon as the first year, students have the opportunity to develop mechanical engineering projects and to use an international collaborative-engineering platform. In the second year, they experience what it is to work for a real design office. And in third year, they carry out a Summary Project related to their chosen course pathway.

Research at ISAESupméca

All research activities conducted at ISAESupméca have been integrated into the QUARTZ laboratory (no. EA 7393) since 2015. They revolve around 5 key themes:

  • Tribology & Materials
  • Vibrations, Acoustics, Structures and Mechanical Systems
  • Sustainable Systems
  • Engineering of Mechatronic and Multi-physical Systems

ISAE-Supméca and the business world

Since the creation of the CESTI in 1956, ISAE-Supméca, which started using this name in 2003, has been consistently updating its training programmes in order to train the types of engineers the industrial world needs. The business world has always been at the very heart of the training offered at ISAE-Supméca.

In 2021, Supméca becomes a member of ISAE Group and becomes ISAE-Supméca. This group gathers aerospace engineering higher education institutions in France under a single umbrella organization to promote the development of research and teaching in aerospace engineering while expanding the reach of its members.

Sustainable development

Since the writing of the Agenda 21 action plan and signing of a sustainable development charter in 2010, ISAESupméca has been actively committed to sustainable development and social responsibility.