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Research at ISAE‑Supméca


Research activities at ISAESupméca are carried out by 83 staff members, including 39 teachers-researchers and associates, 12 technical engineers, 45 PhD students and 4 administrative staff members.

The ISAESupméca Research Direction is in charge of supporting the development of collaborative projects (National Research Agency (ANR), Unique Inter-ministry Fund (FUI), Horizon 2020/Europe, etc.), handling relationships with local, economic role-players, authorities and competitiveness clusters, as well as managing academic, industrial, national and international collaborations. The Research Direction receives support from the Research Management service, which is in charge of the administrative and financial management of the ISAE-Supméca research activities. The Technical Department also provides technical support for the research activities.

  • Jean-Yves CHOLEY, Director of Research at ISAESupméca
  • Olivia PENAS, Deputy Director of Research

Research news

ISAESupméca’s research activities have been affiliated to the QUARTZ laboratory (EA7393) since 2015, following the merger of the LISMMA laboratory (ISAESupméca) integrating researchers from Paris 8 University, with ECS-Lab (ENSEA) integrating researchers from the ECAM-EPMI school of engineering, and the L@RIS laboratory (EISTI international school of information processing sciences).

Board of directors of the QUARTZ laboratory (EA7393):

  • Director: Imad TAWFIQ (ISAESupméca)
  • Deputy director: Achour OUSLIMANI (ENSEA)



Research topics

All research activities conducted at ISAESupméca have been integrated into the QUARTZ laboratory (no. EA 7393) since 2015. They focus on 5 main themes:


Industrial and scientific partnerships

Through their various research studies, ISAESupméca teams can benefit from a large number of national academic partnerships (University of Le Mans, Technology University of Compiègne, ISAE-SUPAERO, Clément Ader Institute, Femto, ENSTA, LACL…), European partnerships (University of Chemical Technology and Metallurgy of Sofia, Federico II University of Naples, Wels University of Austria…) and international partnerships (UEC of Tokyo, the Tunisian engineering schools of Sfax and Sousse (ENIS) as well as Tunis (ENSIT), Cranfield University in the United-Kingdom, NCNU in Taiwan, USACH and PUCV in Chile, UNLPAM and UBA in Argentina…).

In addition to these academic partnerships, the teachers-researchers and technical staff members of the ISAESupméca laboratory also work very closely with the industrial world by collaborating with various companies such as Dassault Systèmes, Alstom, ArianeGroup, Bosch, Airbus Group, Renault, Safran, PSA, Valéo and more.

On a regional level, ISAESupméca is a highly-active academic partner for competitiveness clusters. As an example, ISAESupméca has been actively involved with the NextMove and SYSTEM@TIC competitiveness clusters regarding the O2M (mechatronic modelling and design tools) and MIME (mechatronic simulation and integration module) projects, but also with ASTech Paris-Région for the MAIAS (control of damping induced in various structures) and CLIMA (design of damping mechanical joints) projects, or with Cosmetic Valley for the EUGENE project (Industry 4.0).

On the national and European levels ISAESupméca also takes part in calls for projects through programs conducted by the National Research Agency, the European Commission (Horizon Europe) and more, and is currently involved in the ENERMAN H2020 project (Energy Sustainability in the Industry 4.0 context).


Guaranteed Quality-Education

Our research teams take advantage of their solid relationships with several international partners to enhance their scientific skills. We then make those skills available to our industrial partners which include large companies in the aerospace sector (Airbus Group, Dassault Aviation, Safran, Eurocopter, Ariane Group), the automotive industry (Renault, PSA), the rail sector (Alstom, Bombardier), the energy sector (Areva, EDF) as well as the luxury and cosmetics sector (Cartier, L’Oréal, Jean-Paul Gaultier). Our partners also include innovative, small and medium-sized businesses from the design (Digital Product Simulation, EIRIS Conseil) or renewable-energy sectors for example. Thanks to our special relationships with industrial and academic partners from France and abroad we can integrate a international approach when training our students and give them access to the latest developments in research, both of which are valued and sought-after by industry


Foreign teachers-researchers

ISAESupméca regularly welcomes PhD students and teachers-researchers from France and abroad.

Logistical assistance is provided by the International Relations Direction to help with the necessary procedures and formalities, as well as for finding accomodation.


International students

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