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08 12 23

Thesis defence : Romain Delabeye

On Friday, December 15, 2023, at 2:30 pm, Mr. Romain Delabeye will defend his thesis entitled Unsupervised separation of actuator signatures from non-intrusive sensors in industrial processes. Applications to the energy sustainability of heterogeneous systems. The work was directed by Jean-Luc Dion and Olivia Penas, and supervised by Martin Ghienne.   Abstract The manufacturing industry […]

01 12 23

Thesis defence : Antonio Baldassarre

Digital twin for energy consumption prediction in industrial production sites

On Tuesday 5 December 2023, at 2.30 p.m., Antonio Baldassarre will defend his thesis at ISAE-Supméca entitled Digital twin for energy consumption prediction in industrial production sites, directed by Jean-Luc Dion and co-directed by Nicolas Peyret and Franck Renaud (ISAE-Supméca – Quartz).   Abstract This research work aims to develop an effective tool based on […]

27 11 23

Thesis defence : Amal Allagui

Thesis title : Contribution to disassembly optimization for maintenance, end-of-life and redesign based on reinforcement learning

  On Friday 1st December 2023, at 9.30 am, Ms Amal Allagui will defend her thesis at ISAE-Supméca entitled Contribution to disassembly optimization for maintenance, end-of-life and redesign based on reinforcement learning, directed by Ms Olivia Pénas (ISAE-Supméca – Quartz) and co-directed by Messrs Nizar Aifaoui (ENIM), Régis Plateaux (ISAE-Supméca – Quartz) and Moncef Hammadi (ISAE-Supméca – […]